HNY 2018

New Year’s Eve was fun!

We just woke up and we’re at The Purple Bean on 7th St. If you happen to have a saline injection kit, donuts, or maybe even some spare high fives, please drop by.

No saline. Sad.

No saline. Sad.

Also, Gremfest is nearly upon us. No doy. Come to this or we’ll stop texting you at one in the morning on weekdays asking for a ride to Jack In The Box.

Artwork by Eric Smith

Artwork by Eric Smith

Happy New Year!


SNAFU Family Showcase/Off Beat Music Festival or Whatever


As you all already know, we’re playing at home here in sweet, sweet Reno very soon. On Novemeber 4th as a matter of fact, thank you. You’ll find us hangin’ tuff with all our best friends in California based music collective SNAFU Family. You can find the poster below so don’t be lazy… keep on a scrollin’ and then move those buns back up here to keep reading through to the FAQ! We’ve been honing our chops and keeping it fresh on the DL lately. Chill, and PLEASE check out our friends, old and new: DLC Gallery in Elko, NV The Brewing Lair in Blairsden, CA. On to the the FAQ.

Q: What happened?

A: Haha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Q: Why haven’t you been returning my emails/messages/calls?

A: Ummmmmm probably don’t care. This answer might hurt a little, but you come to for the truth, not fake news.

Q: Where’s the rest of your band?

A: Zac is in Las Vegas. Harry’s married. We love them, we miss them. We couldn’t be happier for the two of them, and also we hope Zac gets fired and Harry gets divorced.

Q: Why are you playing Off Beat Music Festival? Shit sucks.

A: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Q: What’s up with Gremfest 2018 ©™?

A: All we’re able to disclose without receiving severe corporal punishment from Gremfest 2018 ©™: The desert. A fleet of big ass vans. No cops/no hospital.

blip blip blip

So, you think you’re ready? Unlikely. Sorry.

Love you. See you on the 4th (or else).


You’re All The Best

Old friends and members of FM will be joining in on this Family Reunion. Old songs, brand new songs, and songs you’re completely fed up with. We’re going to play them all, whether you like it or not, cause it’s not really up to you! Joining us are very, very good friends in Joan and the Rivers, BandMaster Ruckus, and Van Goat. Producer Robbie Lynn and guest vocalist Dañiela DM will be coming out all the way from sunny, smoggy L.A. to play with us… so you know it’s good! See you soon!



SNAFU family Mixtape

SNAFU Family is a San Jose-based West coast garage band family.

SNAFU provides recording, production, manufacturing, design, distribution, and out of town connections for its supported artists. There isn’t much SNAFU won’t do for its artists. It exists solely to bring to fruition the work and ideas of people who need help with their art.

Last month, SNAFU released its first mixtape featuring 11 different bands including yours truly. We’re so happy and fortunate to be able to work with these people.

Congrats SNAFU family,