Burrito 2 (1)

Failure Machine are here to make your heart beat, your soul ache and your feet move. It’s as simple
as that.
The trio from Reno, NV have taken on a number of forms and costumes over the last few years but
feels like they’ve found ‘the one’ now. This finds sax-queen Rachael McElhiney taking on the mantle
of front-woman, gravel throated stalwart Spencer Kilpatrick is still kicking the ass out of that guitar
and probably shouting soulfully in the background (can I get a ‘Hell Yeah!’?) while Clintonious Philbin
keeps it all in check with a solid back beat and some supple, supple wrists.
But what of their sound, I hear you ask? Well, these three amigos are on a soul crusade not unlike
the Blues Brothers but with a grungier, old school rhythm & blues reboot and the collective spirits of
Jon Spencer, the Commitments, Amy Winehouse, Ray Charles and Janis Joplin coursing through their
gig-hardened veins. But that’s not the end of the story, here we have a band that will turn out a
great modern soul rabble rouser and then, with a flick of a wrist, pull off a superb reworking of a
Drake chart topper.
That’s the past and the present all covered, now for the future. Failure Machine have just finished
recording the latest in a string of excellence EPs in Elko – halfway between Reno and Salt Lake City
on Highway 80 if you want to visit – and they’ve called that EP …..’Elko’. There are always gigs on the
horizon, these guys thrive in the live auditorium, and world domination is on the agenda but it’s
about the journey, not the destination, right?
So, if you like the Detroit Cobras. If you like honest-to- goodness soul music, if you like spontaneous
parties with your friends, if you like Seratones, if you like road-trips to nowhere, if you like King Khan
& the Shrines, if you like barbecues and if you like a band that want to go for a pizza with you after
the show then you probably won’t like Failure Machine. You’ll love them.
But don’t take our word for it:
“It’s pretty serious, badass garage + soul + funk + rock with wicked horns” – Music She Blogged

“These Reno boys prove they’ve got chops and you can almost hear them mopping the sweat from
their brow with a monogrammed handkerchief” –  Listen With Monger

“Failure Machine blend soul, rock’n’roll and funk together seamlessly and then blanket it in grunge,
making something unique and exciting” – Reno News & Review

“Soul baby. Failure Machine has somehow chanelled the ghosts of late, great soul and & artists,
dirtied them up (in a good way) and electrified them” – Beau Dowling

“Even after twenty plus listens, this song stills gives me goose bumps.” – Bucket List Music