Interview: All Independent Reno Podcast

Hear us talk nervously with David Hadel about a few things on the second episode of All Independent Reno Podcast.

Talking points include:
– our new release
– Zac
– what actually is an ‘ordeal’?

Keep your eyes peeled for Episode 3, and check out the first episode featuring the owners of Spectre Records music shop.


Dickelfest 2015

Every year before Christmas, and even a crumb before Thanksgiving, something very special happens: Dickelfest.

It isn’t the most widely noted or celebrated holiday, but its participants have regarded Dickelfest as “up there” or “pretty fun” when compared to other heavy hitting seasonal traditons like getting a car registered at the DMV, or cleaning leaves out of the gutter at home. On Dickelfest, Mike Hickel of San Jose rock band Joan and the Rivers turns another year older, and brings his jolly tidings and treats all the way from Silicon Valley to One Armed Bandit Land. There, a small but devoted group of friends and disciples gather to celebrate the meaning and appreciation of friendship, and to hang out.


Think you have what it takes to be a Dickeler? Find out FOR SURE on November 21st at FMCH!


October: The Best of the “-ber” Months

We’re too old to go trick-or-treating, and we’re too young to collect social security. We’re pretty much just looking for things to do to kill time until those checks start slowly walking into our bank accounts.

In other words, here are some October travel dates!