Mercy Music and Patrimony on August 20th

Wouldn’t you know it, we’re at it again! We’ve reserved August 20th at The Loving Cup for a regular old, very tame, family friendly shindig. Expect to see our good friends Mercy Music from Las Vegas, and Patrimony from Portland, OR. If you’re reading this wondering “Why in the world should I come to The Loving Cup on August 20th?”, please consider 4 reasonable points listed below.

1. You’re looking to have a pretty good time that night.
2. The Loving Cup is bar. You love bars.
3. Thursday nights are almost as good as Friday nights for having 1 or 10 cans of beer to yourself.
4. You want to treat yourself before spending yet another weekend of your life finally not being at work anymore but still doing other things you don’t like doing.

Really though, Mercy Music and Patrimony are killer, and they’re both going to be playing under the same roof on the 20th. Check it out.

Get your hands on some classic, sweet Cup action.




The boys are at it again, this time making a sweet little trip to Oregon to play Grant’s Pass on August 6th and Bend on August 7th. It’s easy, not hard! ROADTRIP!


It’s Too Damn Hot Out

But on the upside, there’s something else about this sweltering July in Reno that’s too damn hot, and it’s not your bedroom at 9:30 pm every night. It is, however, the NEWEST, MOST FRESH FM EVENT happening at The Loving Cup on July 17th featuring 100% rock group Strange Hotel. Sweaty, meaty, and on tour all the way from San Francisco. Just like most all you can eat sushi here in Reno. You and your intestinal tract will just love it!


The Loving Cup will be serving all your favorite beverages ’til you or your DD just can’t handle it anymore.



New Joan and the Rivers EP

Lovebumps is our favorite EP of 2015. We like it more than the new Alabama Shakes album and our least favorite pizza topping combined. It’s available for download here (name your own slice).

The EP releases in San Jose on June 11th at The Rockshop, but it also releases !HERE IN RENO! two days later on the 13th during Singer Social Club’s 1 Year Anniversary Party.

Our good bud Cory the Cactus says, “Come by and catch yoself some Lovebumps!”

Good for a poke, huh?

Good for a poke, huh?


Singer Social Club 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Party Event

Anniversaries are special. They mark the yearly passage of time, and allow us to remember and celebrate milestones passed. Some anniversaries can even get us to ask ourselves the tough questions like, “I’m xx years old, and this is what I’ve accomplished with my life?” (birthdays after age 21), or, “Will I really commit to my resolutions this year to make myself a better person, or do I just like making these lists?” (Every other New Year’s Eve).

Well, this time we’re going to be asking ourselves, “How much fun are WE having??!” at Singer Social Club’s 1 year of business anniversary on June 13th. Check It Out!



New, Limited Edition Tees!

It’s surprising, but not everybody knows how great tambourines are. There’s a tambourine part recorded in that song you’ve been listening to a lot lately. Got a flat? Don’t sweat it! Tambourines can be used to as a tire iron in a pinch. Bob Dylan even played a tambourine one time, or something like that, remember? This new FM tee will help you assert to the unenlightened serfs of the world how real and understated this fantastic instrument really is.

Check it out over on our bandcamp page.

Shake it on.

Shake it on.


WIENER RECORDS: The Tijuana Mama Pickled Sausage of Labels

Our new cassette isn’t for sale at that many places. You can buy them from Spencer. From Harry. Or Zac, or Clint. From our bandcamp page. You can buy them from the homeless man who found the merchandise case we lost in San Francisco two weeks ago. OR, you can buy them from the neatest, most tangy yet spicy record (cassette) company out there… WIENER RECORDS.

Wow, it's a record (cassette tape)!

Wow, it’s a record (cassette tape)!